Yadnya Investment Academy

Yadnya Investment Academy

Base Bio: Yadnya Investment Academy is an Indian Youtuber and digital influencer.

How popular is Yadnya Investment Academy on YouTube? YouTube Ranks

Yadnya Investment Academy belongs to the TOP 37% of influencers based on the number of YouTube channel subscribers in India.

404th ranked Youtuber based on subscribers.

Yadnya Investment Academy belongs to the TOP 45% of influencers based on the number of total video views on YouTube.

502th ranked YouTube channel based on video views.

Channel Intro

We are Yadnya! Our Mission is to educate and simplify concepts of personal finance for every Indian. The word Yadnya means a holy fire where oblations, chanting of hymns, and offerings are given. Yadnya contributes to the moral and spiritual upliftment of the society. True to our name, we are offering our time, knowledge and focus to holy fire of financial literacy in India. We want to contribute to financial upliftment of our society. We don’t have any partnership, allegiance or love for any financial company, bank or financial products. We are more neutral than cricket umpires. You will get completely unbiased, reason based coaching from us. Period! We are very happy to announce our first book on Mutual Funds and SIP. Please find below mentioned is the link for the same. Happy Reading and Investing !!! https://notionpress.com/read/108-questions-answers-on-mutual-funds-sip

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Yadnya Investment Academy has 90277 subscribers and uploaded 446 videos to his YouTube channel so far. The channel has overall 6825389 video views.


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