Sujoy Krishna Das

Sujoy Krishna Das

Base Bio: Sujoy Krishna Das is an Indian Youtuber and digital influencer.

How popular is Sujoy Krishna Das on YouTube? YouTube Ranks

Sujoy Krishna Das belongs to the TOP 47% of influencers based on the number of YouTube channel subscribers in India.

512th ranked Youtuber based on subscribers.

Sujoy Krishna Das belongs to the TOP 42% of influencers based on the number of total video views on YouTube.

465th ranked YouTube channel based on video views.

Channel Intro

Hi, I'm Sujoy from India. I'm an engineer & educator. I've created educational video tutorials on- Statistics and Probability, Financial and Business Mathematics, Numerical Methods, Operations Research(OR), Computer Science & Engineering(CSE), Electrical Technology(ET), Number Systems, Math Magic Tricks, Science Experiments etc. I also have videos on- India Travel and Tourism, Street Foods videos, Do-It-Yourself(DIY) videos, How-to guides, Life Hacks etc. I'll show you how to do maths easily using your Casio fx-991ES & fx-82MS scientific calculators,and how to get good score in maths! I explain things in an easy way. I always try to find a better & easy way to do things! I want to do something useful for my country and for the mankind. I love to travel & eat! Keep visiting my channel regularly for new videos. And don't forget to subscribe :-) Sujoy Krishna Das.(Educational & Travel Videos Creator).

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Sujoy Krishna Das has 44291 subscribers and uploaded 333 videos to his YouTube channel so far. The channel has overall 8595433 video views.


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