Ayesha Kapur

Ayesha Kapur

Base Bio: Ayesha Kapur is an Indian Actress and social media influencer.

How popular is Ayesha Kapur on Instagram? Instagram Ranks

She (ayeshakapur) belongs to the TOP 77% of influencers based on the number of Instagram followers in India.

1014th ranked Instagram star based on followers.

She belongs to the TOP 76% of influencers based on the number of Instagram content likes.

973th ranked influencer based on the average number of likes per post.

584th ranked Instagram star based on followers.

Instagram Bio - @ayeshakapur:

Actress, entrepreneur, student. Nyc and Pondicherry all the way. Coffee addict, literature fiend and space case all in one. Instagram is my scrapbook.

Instagram Stats

Ayesha Kapur (@ayeshakapur) has 7038 followers and she added 571 posts so far. An average Instagram post by her generates around 390 likes. The 5.54% of the follower base are actively liking her posted Instagram contents.




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