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Indian Social Media Rankings

InfluencerFinder has continously updated Instagram and Youtube related statistics and fully detailed rankings. You can easily discover who are the most popular among indian Instagram stars and vloggers.Save time and browse the most followed opinion leaders in one place ranked by popularity.

Top 10 Indian Insatgram Stars - Based on Followers

List of the TOP 10 Indian social media influencers on Instagram based on the number of followers.

Influencer Followers
1. Deepika Padukone 24632712
2. Priyanka Chopra 24608718
3. Alia Bhatt 22589981
4. Virat Kohli 22416342
5. Shraddha Kapoor 21526808
6. Akshay Kumar 19043123
7. Anushka Sharma 18180413
8. Salman Khan 17095435
9. Parineeti Chopra 14081157
10. Shahid Kapoor 13940865

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Top 10 Indian Youtubeers - Based on Subscribers

List of the TOP 10 Indian YouTube stars based on the number of subscribers.

Youtuber Subscribers
1. T-Series 49687143
2. SET India 25818614
3. Zee Music Company 18603315
4. ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs 18021238
5. Sony Music India 13465368
6. Speed Records 12240201
7. YRF 11770985
8. SAB TV 9175839
9. BB Ki Vines 8375772
10. Amit Bhadana 7731952

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List Of popular Indian Youtubers

We collect the most popular vloggers and other Youtube channels from India. If you are looking for Youtubers who can help promoting your products, or you just want to find new people who produceinteresting video content, you just find the best place.

List of Indian Youtube Channels
List of Indian Youtuber Males/Boys
List of Indian Youtuber Females/Girls

Indian Celebrities on Snapchat

Browse our directory of the Snapchat names of Indian celebrities! Find new people on Snapchat who can help you to promote products on Snapchat or you can follow for new stories.

Youtubers on Snapchat
Instagram Stars On Snapchat

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We maintain info pages about indian internet stars with important social media stats and more useful data that can be utilized by brands and other advertisers. Brands and compaines uses InfluencerFinder to discover new talent and partners for their marketing activity. If we have missed somebody from our lists, just let us know.